JavaScript Accident

Updated: May 3, 2020

Today while driving back to home from work , I saw Sammy.js at Node.js who has Mustache by the way on his Prototype.js called bike was vrooming as if he just out after watching a movie like D3.js and was trying to go Angularjs to probably show his Dojo Toolkit and since he build up some kinetic.js by a lot of velocity.js ; When suddenly he met with some SWFObject and he crashed into EXTJS of the road and his Prototype JS Framework got OpenUI5 into Three.js While One of the part got Echo into Wakanda Framework ,Fortunately there was a SmartClient(doctor) near by While sipping his Cappucino or Mocha he went on Processing.js and said with Ease.js that no worries ,I will pull a Mochikit out of Rialto Toolkit and fix your Backbone.js and Spry framework into one Unit.js in no time.

Be smart , Drive Safe guys , Don't go hanky panky all the way to death.

This is a true story adjusted in such a way so that you might all enjoy but bottom line is Drive & Ride Safe.

#Technology #FunWithJavaScript

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